I have quite a number of photos of orbs at Coon Hill Cemetery, but for preventing "borrowing" of images, I have placed my copyright info on the images, and I am only posting a couple from my collection.


None of these images are retouched.


 Since the damage that was done upon the Coon Hill Cemetery, my team and I haven't been out recently. We are planning a trip out there again to see what we can recover in disturbed energies and possibly more visible sightings. I will be sure to post these findings as soon as possible!


As you will see there are numerous colorful orbs floating about... In these images the moon would have been behind me and just below tree level so there is no moon in these images!


(Unfortunately there are those fools that were raised in a barn have nothing better to do than to deface and desecrate a you can see the the latest in the morons vandalism...this included the breakage of the stone that sits in the corner all alone to the left of the gate as you enter the main gate...)


The following two images  are orb activity that I recorded at Coon Hill Cemetery on the evening of 3JUNE06. 


The above images  are orb activity that I recorded at Coon Hill Cemetery on the evening of 3JUNE06.  These are just a few of the images that I recorded that night. If you will look closely you will see there are lines running through the images...I was using a digital camera and there was distinct interference while I was photographing the images. It shows up as the lines in the photos of the orbs.


I have added my copyright to these images so please be kind and DON'T TAKE THEM!!!  :)


These are all that I will post for now. They are not re-touched. The only thing done to them is to put my copyright info on them due to the fact of high "borrowing" incidents here on the web....



The photos just below are just a couple that I was able to photograph on 6/10/06 after coming upon extensive vandalism in the Coon Hill Cemetery.



These two photos just above this sentence were just two of the unfortunate subjects that were defiled and destroyed! The story for them is here on my site. You can click on the photo of Sallie Williams's grave photo and it will take you to the page where you can get the story of what occurred!!

My ex-husband and I found the vandalism on Saturday 6/10/06 and we reported this all to the SRSO and a Crime Scene Unit was dispatched.... Hopefully the evidence that was collected will lead to the arrest and convictions of the person/persons responsible for such a heinous crime!!