My name is Carla and I have been studying the paranormal sciences and parapsychology since I was a child.

I grew up in a family whose history seemed steeped in ghost lore and sightings. My grandmother was from  here in the South and there were some hair-raising tales told on her front porch, many times! She had gifts of sight, premonitions and was able to know when someone in the family had been injured or killed.

She always told me, as I was growing up, that I had the "gift" and that it was passed down through the family to me.

I was constantly freaking my little brother out when I would tell him that I had seen or heard something in the paranormal realm.

Just recently we were at a family gathering and he was telling one of his friends about when we were kids growing up, and he told his buddy, "My sister has a connection with the spirit world. She always has..." Of course his friend just chuckled and my brother was adamant, when he said, "I'm serious!! She always scares the hell out of me with it!"

I studied famous parapsychologists' writings from the time I was about 10 years old, and avidly digested any and all information that I could find on ghost photography, haunted houses, ghost sightings and the paranormal!

I have maintained my interest and in the past few years I started having active sightings and getting images on film! I decided recently that I would make a website with some of my sightings and photos and stories, so that I could share my information with you!

I am not here to prove or disprove the paranormal to you.

I believe in the existence of ghosts, apparitions and the like.

It's up to you to believe it or not....


I have over 35 years experience as a commercial photographer and artist and I have found that this helps me while I am working at night in deserted, haunted cemeteries and old houses. I have knowledge of infrared photography and most of my photos are done with my Nikon 35mm camera that is about 25 years old. I work with new digital equipment as well.


I am also sensitive to presences. I have been able to see and feel manifestations all of my life. As well as the clairaudience and clairsentience I have precognitive abilities so I bring a little something extra to the science of the paranormal.

I have been asked by other ghost hunters to go with them to areas where they have gotten EVP and images, and I have done walk-throughs in cemeteries, houses and other places that they have researched. The thing is, I do the walk through without prior knowledge of what they have seen or captured, and I will tell them where I have impressions of paranormal activity. I have been given high ratings and kudos from the teams, with the results of what I am telling them in the walk through. They assure me that when I have an impression, they can verify that with imagery of that area, and it is uncanny the accuracy of the impressions I receive.