The various disputes over the capture of "orbs" in video and film...

This leads to a whole other realm in the ghostly sightings and apparitions. I have made a recent study of different paranormal groups and suddenly the buzzword is that "orbs" are just dust...or just random energy...


Well that may well be in some circumstances...but in the 35 years that I have been a professional photographer, I have photographed everything from studio to location work, using flash as well as natural light and I know that in all the times that I photographed weddings, with flash, at night, OUTSIDE where people are dancing and dust would surely be stirred up I have never had a problem with "orbing" or so called dust in my images.


The only times that I have witnessed the orbs in photography or video is when I have been investigating an area or location that is purported to be haunted or frequented by seemingly paranormal occurrences.


Also, if this is an anomaly of random energy and I am in the middle of nowhere and there are no power lines, then explain to me how "random energy" just appeared on film?


There is some energy that occurs in nature, such as St. Elmo's fire which was seen more often by seafaring men, as the ghostly blue flames dances along the ship's rigging, signaling to the men what they saw as divine intervention on their behalf.

There is regular lightening, static electricity and plain old lightening bugs that can produce light that could possibly be recorded in images, but when these elements are not present, then the resulting orbs could be explained as supernatural in nature.