EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It can show up on different electronic items, not always just on recorders.


In my experience I've even had EVP activity from and unplugged analog radio!! It's occurred in recording on DVD's. A "voice over" has even sounded like it was speaking backwards or grumbling.


This was actually an occurrence my father had while taping a religious television show. That one show wasn't the isolated incident either. He recorded the shows on separate occasions to watch at a later time, and when he would do a cursory check of the recording the voices would be there, talking over the clerics...! It wasn't on all the recordings, just some that would be affected.


I acquired some EVPs from some of my cemetery trips (including Coon Hill) and I have planned some trips to other historical cemeteries here in the panhandle so that I can do some more photos and work the EVP area a bit more.


This page will have EVP recordings added soon. I am editing the sound bites to get them on the computer. (I had a bit of a technical problem with one of the programs I was using, so I am in transition!)


Please be patient and thanks so much for stopping in!